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   Book and document scanning with book reproduction if required.
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  New reference books compiled from scans of photocopies, sections and chapters scaled to fit from existing titles.
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   Proofing... It is always recommended to proof the job before printing.
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   Most scanned books can have OCR applied. Should the new book require correction or updating, this is the way to go.
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   We have moved. Spectra now operates from offices in Cambridgeshire.

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Reference Books

For one of the UK's major publishers we scan books and photocopies of chapters and parts of journals. These are cleaned, aligned and scaled to the correct finished book size with headers and folios added. A new index and prelims attached and we have a ready to print PDF.

OCR scanned pages

OCR - Optical Character Reader. This is a software procedure which looks at the image scanned and reads it, converters it to editable text, which can then be imported to normal text editing programmes and therefore corrections and/or additions can be added to this end file.  Most scanned books can have OCR applied, should the new book require corrections or updating, this is the way to go.

Accuracy has improved greatly now with current optical character recognition software. Spectra uses the most up-to-date software which enables unlimited pages to be read at once and a wide range of languages available.

New academic and reference books from
scanned copy

Spectra, you never know whats
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Book Scanning Service

Spectra provides a scanning service for document and book reproduction.

We scan documents, novels and reference/academic books to produce print ready PDF files. Old or none digitised, books may come back to life and can be reprinted time and time again, for long or short runs. Ideal for digital web printing these files are fully backed up for excellent imposition.

This reprographic service is for production, publishers, authors/first-time authors and book manufacturing companies who wish to reprint old or non-digitised books for their customers.

CRC or books scanned will be made into PDF format, or reproduced into a text editable version if required. All book manufactures prefer PDF files.

If you wish spectra can arrange printing and binding for you from short to large run, here in the UK.

Both Mac and PC with most common applications catered for i.e.

  • Quark
  • InDesign

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Welcome To Our Company

My knowledge and expertise of today has been built from the past 30 plus years working in the print industry, consequently, I can perfect each and every assignment with the experience and detailed attention gained from the past.

I have been in the electronic engineering section of 'print' since 1976 covering most aspects from typesetters, imagesetters, computer systems installations in newspapers, magazine and jobbing printers including training staff and commissioning new projects here in the UK and Europe.

We moved up to Norfolk in 2000 and started to concentrate on the scanning of books and documents leading to the OCR of the scanned images so they may be updated and or corrected as required. The systems and software available to perfect this is now looking very exciting for the future. Saying future... I installed large OCR dedicated machines in a Rome newspaper as data input back in the 80's. These were the size of washing machines and about the same size of 50mb disk drives. We have come a long way in a short time and every advancement is exciting indeed. Never a dull moment in 'print'.


It is always recommended to proof the job before printing.

This can be done in several ways. The best and most cost effective is PDF via e-mail if the file is small or downloaded via spectra's ftp site. This file could also be used as searchable to help with the creation of the Index.

Of course, paper proof is also available for those who wish.

There is a free PDF document reader program from Adobe. Most computers sold have Adobe PDF readers installed as standard but if you need this free reader then just click on the link below...


Not just scanning spectra sets novels to a high standard, printed here in the Uk, from novels set in Word or almost any other format. Just ask.

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